Daily Erosion Project Web Services

The daily outputs of this project are made available on a per-HUC12 basis. There is a GeoJSON emitting web service that provides data to the map interface found on this website. You can use this service as well and here is the documentation for it:

The web server provides data on HTTPS-Only and sets the proper CORS header to allow cross site requests.

HTTP GET options:

  • date=YYYY-mm-dd: specify a date to retrieve the results for. required
  • domain=STATEABBR: specify a two character state code to limit the results returned for. For example, KS to return only those HUC12s within or touching Kansas. optional, defaults to return all HUC12s that DEP runs for.
  • date2=YYYY-mm-dd: when specified, the service returns aggregated data for the inclusive period between date and date2. optional
  • callback=myfunc: this allows JSON-P style requests of the data. optional


Return all HUC12 results for 5 June 2016

Return Minnesota HUC12 results for 5 June 2016

Return Kansas HUC12 totals for all of 2016

GeoJSON Attributes:

avg_loss: Average sheet and rill soil detachment. This is not necessarily soil delivered to the bottom of the modelled hillslope. [tons per acre]

avg_delivery: Average sheet and rill soil delivery to the bottom of the hillslope. [tons per acre]

qc_precip: HUC12 averaged precipitation for the CST/CDT local day. [inches]

avg_runoff: HUC12 averaged runoff. The depth of water delivered to the bottom of the modelled hillslope. [inches]